Freestyle wrestler Vazgen Tevanyan (65 kg) in the semifinals of the European Championship in Zagreb with a score of 12:4 defeated the wrestler of Armenian origin representing Ukraine Eric Arushanyan and reached the finals. Tevanyan started the fight in the 1/8 finals, where he defeated the representative of Israel Josh Stewart Finesilve with a score of 10:0. In the quarter-finals, Tevanyan has already gained an advantage over the Azerbaijani wrestler with a score of 4:1.

Another representative of Armenia Arman Avagyan (79 kg) was closer to the victory in the finals. In the semifinals of the European Championship, Avagyan fought with the representative of Greece and suffered a painful defeat with a score of 10: 12. The Armenian wrestler started the fight in the 1/8 finals, where he defeated Bulgarian Mihail Georgiev with a score of 5:1, in the quarterfinals, Avagyan already defeated Maxim Vasilioglo representing Romania with a score of 5:1. Thus, Avagyan will compete for the bronze medal of the European Championship.

On the first day of the competition, other representatives of Armenia showed the following results: Manvel Khndzrtsyan lost in the qualifying round to the representative of Bulgaria Georgi Vangelov with a score of 5:8, Arman Andreasyan (70 kg) started fighting from the quarterfinals, where he lost to the Moldovan wrestler with a score of 1:2, and Sergey Sargsyan (97 kg) in the 1/8 finals lost to German Erik Sven Thiele with a score of 0:8.

Arsen Harutyunyan (61 kg), Hrayr Alikhanyan (74 kg) and Mushegh Mkrtchyan (86 kg) will also participate in the European Championships under the leadership of Habetnak Kurghinyan.