A memorandum was signed between the Ministries of Education, Science, Culture and Sports, Economy and High-Tech Industry and the world leader in the field of professional services, Google Cloud Partner SADA to ensure equal educational opportunities throughout the Republic of Armenia and improve the quality of life of citizens with digital skills. The Memorandum of Cooperation was signed within the framework of the "DigiTec 2022" Technology Summit, which is held on March 10-12 at the K. Demirchyan Sports and Concert Complex in Yerevan.

The memorandum was signed by ESCS Deputy Minister Ara Khzmalyan, Minister of Economy Vahan Kerobyan, Minister of High-Tech Industry Robert Khachatryan and SADA CEO and President Tony Safoian.

At the conclusion of the memorandum, the parties were guided by a mutual desire to enhance the level of education in general education schools of the Republic of Armenia and to introduce the necessary tools to measure the quality of education.

According to the Memorandum, the state bodies of Armenia and SADA are joining efforts to introduce Google Workspace for Education Fundamentals services and tools throughout the Republic of Armenia for the development of equal educational opportunities, and digitalization of the educational system.

ESCS Deputy Minister Ara Khzmalyan congratulated and wished success to the parties, stressing the importance of access to educational content: "With the introduction of this toolkit and system, significant progress will be made in access to educational content, and in the formation of any democratic, enlightened and educated society, accessible education is indisputable. I am sure that we will see the outcomes of the implementation of this toolkit soon. We are also glad that this directly derives from the RA Government's strategy in the field of education." According to the Minister of Economy Vahan Kerobyan, the state bodies of Armenia attach importance to the experience of the world's leading companies in the provision of technological services. Vahan Kerobyan noted that as a result of the introduction of Google Workspace for Education services and tools, our children will have the same digital environment that Google has already implemented in many countries of the world.

In the first stage, the system will be implemented in several secondary schools in Armenia, and after the successful implementation of the pilot program, it will be extended to cover all the schools. President and CEO of SADA Tony Safoian stressed the need to digitalize the educational system in Armenia, enhance the quality of education and develop distance education. "SADA will ensure the integration of Google Workspace for Education tools and services into the educational system of the Republic of Armenia and introduce Chrome OS and Chrome OS devices in cooperation with Google and the RA Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sports," said Safoian.

SADA will also provide resources for project management, engineering, and change management procedures, and assist the RA Government agencies in obtaining a license in accordance with Google's qualification conditions.