To promote and develop further programs, a memorandum of cooperation was signed between the Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sports of the Republic of Armenia, the “French-Armenian Center for Vocational Education” Foundation and Ron Vocational Education Organization (SEPR).

ESCS Deputy Minister Araqsia Svajyan, Director of the “French-Armenian Vocational Education Center” Foundation Gohar Grigoryan and partner of the Foundation and President of the Ron Vocational Education Organization Christian Droz participated in the signing ceremony of the memorandum.

Ambassador of France to Armenia Anne Louyot and the representatives of the Embassy also attended the meeting.

ESCS Deputy Minister Araqsia Svajyan stressed the importance of signing a memorandum aimed at strengthening French-Armenian cooperation in the field of vocational education, expressing confidence that it will contribute to the efficiency of reforms implemented in the field.

The strategic “RA Education Development State Program until 2030” has already been approved, in which actions aimed at the development of vocational education have a special and very important share. In this context, we plan to have resource centers and colleges of republican significance, and within this process, we attach importance to the capacity development and the provision of new opportunities to the French-Armenian College,” noted the Deputy Minister.

Congratulating on the signing of the memorandum, she noted the importance of the process aimed at activating regional structures. The Deputy Minister expressed confidence that the connection of regional educational institutions of Armenia with both the French-Armenian Center for Vocational Education and the training centers operating in France will enable the introduction of new specialties and the development of existing ones.

To advance the “French-Armenian Center for Vocational Education” Foundation, it is planned to create a crafts campus in Yerevan, where new education programs will be piloted, in particular, the development of work-based learning and adult education. It is planned to become a resource center for vocational education. The program for creating a craft campus has already been approved at the meeting of the Board of Trustees of the Foundation.

The President of the Ron Vocational Education Organization Christian Droz stressed that the signing of this memorandum creates an opportunity for the implementation of definite steps in the future.

“Over the past week, we have conducted a major mission in the regions of Armenia: we have traveled more than 1600 km, visited 15 primary and secondary vocational educational institutions, visited 2 regional administrations and 5 municipalities of Armenia. This memorandum defines goals that we must achieve together,” noted Christian Droz highlighting the importance of signing the memorandum also in the context of strengthening cooperation between Yerevan and Lyon.

The Foundation's development plan is intended to promote the engagement of people with disabilities, enhance the role of women in the economy, as well as include the social life component for the community.

Director of the “French-Armenian Center for Vocational Education” Foundation Gohar Grigoryan noted that an important scope of activity of the new campus will be the dissemination of the best experience in collaboration with public and private specialized educational institutions in the regions of Armenia. The parties have already outlined prospects for cooperation with the Alaverdi State Vocational School and Vayots Dzor Regional College in the direction of implementing exchange programs in various specialties.

Representatives of the “French-Armenian Center for Vocational Education” Foundation and the Ron Vocational Education Organization also visited institutions that provide non-formal education, in particular, the Debet COAF Center and the Goris Women's Development “Resource Center” Foundation, where there are perspectives for crafts development. According to Gohar Grigoryan, a wider scope of cooperation is provided within the framework of the EU “Erasmus+” exchange program.

Ambassador of France to Armenia Anne Louyot also expressed her full support for the initiative, noting that it is in line with the spread of Francophonie: “The implementation of the program is of great importance both within the framework of cooperation between the French-Armenian cultural and educational, and civil societies. This will enable more youth to get closer to France, as well as contribute to the use and dissemination of the French language.”