Dear students,

I cordially congratulate you on International Students' Day.

Students are the driving force of society all over the world, the symbol of victories and the fight against stereotypes, changes and innovations. You are at a phase when you discover the world, explore life and the environment, adopting essential and guiding principles. Shaping yourself in the endless world of education, knowledge, and comprehension, consider your achievements as a priority, using them for the benefit of the State, and for the transformation of your community and environment. Develop and advance in your chosen profession, strive for the best, become the best: the mission to make this world a better place in the shortest possible time depends on you: you can make it.

Always remember that the State is your reliable partner and spares no effort to enhance the conditions for the realization of your right to education, ensuring constant growth and enhancement of the quality of education. This is the objective of the entire process of reforms realized today.

Dear students, I wish you a strong will to constantly explore, educate and self-educate, courage to have big dreams, endless energy to love and devote.

Wishing you all the best.