Dear teachers,

With a deep bow and gratitude, I congratulate you on Teacher's Day.

We are living through difficult times, where the role and mission of each of us are twice as important, yours even more. And I am especially grateful for carrying out your work with honor and facing the existing challenges.

We owe a good teacher not only for the formation of a student armed with knowledge but also for the conscious citizen of tomorrow, a faithful patriot and a happy individual.

Constantly strive for perfection to do more every day and multiply the result: your role is invaluable, and your mission is sacred because you are the pioneers in shaping the future.

Be sure, that the RA Government is by your side and supports each of you, and every reform is aimed at improving your work activities and educational sector, and solving the existing issues.

I wish you good health, strong will and infinite energy. Let your love multiply and spread over your students in this responsible work.