The main objectives of the state policy in the field of cultural education are:

· Regulation of the legal framework in the field of art education

· Discovering the creative potential of gifted children and ensuring the full use of it

· Ensuring the regular activities of art educational institutions by replenishing the material-technical base and musical instruments, conducting educational-methodological works, developing and publishing new educational programs and manuals.

· Ensuring access to education in the field of extracurricular art and aesthetic education

· Training and re-qualification of specialists in the field of culture through the study of international experience and the introduction of new specialties in line with the latest requirements.

· Promotion of the activities of young artists by implementing debut projects

· Creating favorable conditions for the creation of culture-based society

· Integration of the disabled, socially disadvantaged and without parental care children through targeted projects in the field of cultural education.

The state budget allocations are directed to the following programs:

“General Education Program” (“Elementary Specialized General Education”, “Basic Specialized General Education”, “Secondary Specialized General Education”, “Scholarships for Children of Specialized General Education Institutions at the Level of General Secondary Education”, “Reimbursement of Textbooks Fees for Children from Socially Vulnerable and Borderline Families” events) which are implemented by “Tchaikovsky Specialized Secondary Music School” SNCO.

“Primary and Secondary Vocational Education” Program” (“Provision of Student Benefits for Secondary Vocational Education” and “Scholarships for Students Receiving Secondary Vocational Education”) is implemented by “Yerevan State College of Dance Art” SNCO.

““Extracurricular Education” Program” (“Extracurricular Education”) is implemented by “Children’s Special Creative Center” SNCO

A number of targeted projects are implemented with the support of the Ministry, in particular:

  • "Developing and Publishing Educational and Methodological Literature for Music and Art Schools" program has been implemented since 2008 and is rated as highly efficient by the specialists of the sector. It is implemented with the support of a specialized commission under the Ministry, specifically established for this purpose. The program funds are provided for the development and publication of syllabuses, textbooks, methodological manuals and compilations for music, arts, dance arts schools. About 310 published manuals were distributed free of charge to educational institutions of cultural education of the Republic of Armenia and the Republic of Artsakh during 2008-2019.
  • “Acquisition of Musical Instruments for Music and Art Schools” program is aimed at the creation and ongoing replenishment of the collection of music instruments permanently operating under the state support. From 2013-2019 the program provided 591 musical instruments, acquired by the program, to talented young musicians, studying in the music and art schools of the regions of Armenia, as well as to the students of newly formed specialized classes.
  • “Training in National, String, and Brass Instruments in Music and Art Schools” program annually reimburses the tuition fees of 2361 students from 146 music and art schools of the Republic.
  • The funds provided by “Educational-Methodological Activities at Music and Art Schools” program, are directed to the organization of methodological-educational and practical support to the students and teaching personnel of 207 music, arts and dance schools, operating in the country by leading specialists of the Republic.
  • “Support to the Development and Refinement of Professional Skills of Talented Young Musicians” program aims to identify and support talented musicians aged 11-20, in the specialties of "Piano," "Violin" and "Cello". The program includes a comprehensive set of events that contribute to ensuring the competitiveness of the Armenian Performing School in the international arena and setting grounds for natural change of generations in the field of classical performing arts.

When implementing national and international events, contributing to the promotion of cultural education, the Ministry collaborates with state, non-governmental organizations, music, arts, fine arts and dance-arts schools, creative unions of the field.

Numerous international and republican youth competitions, festivals, joint concerts, exhibitions and other events are held in Yerevan and in the regions of Armenia for various specialties, including:

  • “New Names” International Festival of Young Musicians: the goals and objectives are: to discover talent and support to "new" names and music performers; creating favorable conditions for young musicians, to demonstrate the best professional qualities and express their musical performance.
  • Republican Contest for Young Composers After Edvard Mirzoyan:

The aim is to enable young musicians to present their works.

  • “We are our Region" youth regional culture days in the capital.

The program is aimed at the implementation of targeted cultural policy in the regions of RA, cultural life revitalization, promotion, and development in the cities of the Republic through reporting audits by the RA Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sports. The program creates favorable conditions for the professional skills development of gifted children and youth in cultural institutions of the youth fosters close collaboration between artists, the exchange of experience, the strengthening of cultural links between the regions.

  • “Sister-schools” program on the interaction between music and art schools in Yerevan and the regions of Armenia.

Aims to promote the process of cooperation, exchange of practical skills and exchange of experience between students and teachers of music and art schools of Yerevan and the regions of Armenia. The program will also promote proportionate development of culture, ensuring the availability and accessibility of Art education. Within the framework of the program, conditions for joint concert programs, methodological support for cultural education, as well as creative links will be established between the 10 Yerevan and 10 regional music and art schools.

· ““REALBOARDS” for Teenagers” education program

The goal is to enable the children of the regions of the Republic of Armenia, through the REALBOARDS ™ Studio software to acquire theoretical and practical knowledge of the main film production specialties: scriptwriter, director, cameraman and all technical and creative specialties that are an indispensable part of film production. The training enables the children to develop a sense of responsibility towards their friends during creative teamwork, as well as to promote children's visual thinking.

Educational programs are also implemented in the fields of Theater, Dance and Fine Arts.

There are also programs promoting the relations between education, culture and cultural education.

  • "Subscription System" program, aimed at increasing student involvement in cultural events, forming a tradition of visiting a cultural institution from an early age. The program enables the student and the teacher to participate in a cultural event in their community or in any other city regardless of social status, place of residence, and access to a cultural institution. The program ensures the least opportunity for the realization of the right to cultural education of schoolchildren at the same time enabling the cultural educations to attract new visitors and to compete on an equal footing with other cultural centers to attract more visitors.
  • “Your Art at School” program, the objective of which is to fill the gap in the "cultural education" component in general education; increase interest in reading, classical music and fine arts, to promote the development of critical, analytical and creative thinking in music, fine arts and literature in educational institutions; to introduce young people to contemporary artists; to enhance the aesthetic taste of the students and the civic consciousness.

Inclusive creative activities and targeted educational projects are implemented in the field aimed at the full inclusion of vulnerable groups in cultural life, ensuring conditions for their further creative development and promotion, the creation of opportunities for self-expression, as well as the creation of an atmosphere of tolerance in society.

With the support of the Ministry and the selection of the professional committee, the talented young performers participate in international youth competitions, festivals and master classes held abroad.

Masterclasses are conducted by leading education specialists invited from abroad.

The sector-related information databases are regularly updated.

Starting from 2019, the cultural education grant programs are implemented on a competitive basis by the order of the Ministry.